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Single Store

After serving in the UK retail EPOS market for years, we understand the typical challenges a single store retailer faces. Whether you are upgrading from a cash register to the EPOS, opening a new store or changing over to a new EPOS system we believe we can provide you with the best EPOS solution currently available in the UK market. With the Microsoft RMS EPOS system you now have access to all the technology features that often helps the bigger store retailer to take the competition to a different level. Microsoft RMS provides you with features like stock control, sale promotion tools, customer loyalty features, shrinkage control and in your crucial business functions like identifying the right product lines, restocking requirements etc.

As a single store retailer it is important you make the best of all sales opportunities. With the Microsoft RMS we help you to open up multiple sales channels. The system provides you with features to configure an ecommerce website and sell your products in the internet. The benefit of the internet to the small retailers is that it provides the retailer an even platform with the bigger retailers. There are many small retailers who do extremely well in the web by concentrating on their core lines, better pricing and customer service. You can concentrate on niche areas and can have different websites catering to these segments from the same retail store. With RMS EPOS system you can have all these provisions. All your web orders will be downloaded to the EPOS system. The stock for the in store system and web system would be centrally held ensuring accurate stock levels in your system at any time. You can also integrate your system with third party websites like eBay, Amazon etc. For more information please contact us.

Multi Store

For a multi store retailer, Microsoft RMS provides strong HQ level functionality so that the management can have total control over the store operations.
All the store sales, inventory information can be viewed at head office in real time. Item creations, Price changes, Global customer account management, Sale promotions can all be managed from the HQ. All these features help improve the efficiency of the enterprise and thus getting the return on the EPOS investment typically in a time period of 6 months. The system packs in powerful stock replenishment and auto stock distribution features. The stock at the stores is automatically replenished by transfers from ware house based on the stock level or based on the actual sales
The multichannel sales option of the company is boosted by the additional features provided by the system. The customer web order is downloaded at Head quarters level for further routing or is downloaded to designated stores or to the nearest store based on the post code of customer. The stock in the web system can also be configured to be either the total company stock to the web or specified stock. Further options to link up the system with the other product in the Microsoft Dynamics family like Microsoft CRM, Axapta and Great Plains are also available.
As a retailer, Investing in a better epos system in this downturn will make your business model an efficient one and when the market picks up you would be well positioned to leverage the maximum benefits from your IT system

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