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Case Study
For UKs largest supplier of small form factor systems with computers preconfigured/ custom builds & services.
Customer Profile
Computer Specialist Company from slough into computer sales, build, support and custom configured PCs. Considered a quality provider of IT products and services, specializing in small form factor solutions and systems. Have an impressive range of clients ranging from Major Universities and colleges in the UK, to major UK blue chip companies. They are currently one of the UK’s largest suppliers of small form factor systems from major manufactures from around the world.
Business Requirements
Business Process Automation:
The company wanted to automate their business process to the maximum extent so as to reduce paper work, manual labour and increase efficiency of their organization. The following core areas were identified as the processes which needed automation:
1.Sales: The different sales channels of the store: In-store, over-phone and online had to be centralised.
2.Build Process: Once an order for a custom PC comes in , items are picked, the component goes to the build area where the PC is built based on the requirement chosen by customer, Tested in the testing area , order closed and then eventual billing.
3.RMA: Items in returns or warranty has to be given an RMA number on receipt, fault investigated, either a replacement or necessary support actions have to be done.
4.System Configurator: In addition to pre-built systems, they operated a service called System Configurator by which users can build a pc of their choice using the different components they sell like CPU, Hard drive, Memory, Graphics Card, Motherboard, Wireless etc over the phone or online.
5.e-Notes: Any query posted by the customer whether sales, customer service, technical or marketing had to be prompt responded by their team. Also, wanted a trail left behind of the entire messages back/forth so that the management can ensure the staffs have acted promptly/efficiently.
6.Sale promotion: They had a team of telesales people and marketing team promoting their offers. But this was taking a lot of time and the reach they got to was also not great. Hence they wanted an option to centralise all customer information in one data base for regular email marketing and promotion offers.
7.Customer account management: Due to the different modes sales orders were happening and the varied payment methods like card, bank account, cheques, cash their customer account reconciliation was costing them a lot of time and taking out customer statement was often a nightmare.
Solution Provided:
Arts solution architect team on analyzing the requirement suggested a model involving:
1. Microsoft Retail Management System Epos Solution to ensure sales, stock movements is recorded properly. Also, its ease of use and customisation feature was another factor in customer taking up this solution. The extended workshop module in the epos system also ensured the process of building PCs, testing, and release was also automated in keeping with customer orders. The inventories for the pc, pc build were grouped into meaning full department, category for easier management. The system build process was linked to different groups, categories, pricings applied for the service so that building a pc and costing it which was a time consuming job before was completed in minutes now.
2. Ecommerce system: The ecommerce website was designed and developed completely integrated with the epos system. This ensured all the web orders were available in epos system in real time. The customer payments were taken online for credit card, on account and cheque payments. The invoices was mailed out to the customers, all customer queries/responses from the team were made available in a tree view structure in the web which enabled the customers/management to see the trail of each customer query. The customers were given the option to return items over the web and generating RMA nos. The RMA numbers were passed into the epos system, Faults tracked up, actioned and an efficient customer relationship management structure was put in place. The customer accounts including invoices, payments for their activities in-store, in web and over the phone was all shown in their account page in the web. For any of their account queries the customers could refer their account transactions from their web-login. The solution provided, totally transformed their business model into a smoother, efficient, streamlined solution. Their sales avenues were now truly multi-channel. They were able to run sales promotion, regular newsletters to an ever increasing customer data base. They were able to free up their manual resources and allocate them more specialised tasks.
  In effect implementing the new system improved their sales volume, reduced administrative costs and improved customer service thereby providing them with an excellent Return on investment (ROI).
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