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Case Study
High Quality Food Retailer serving customers the freshest, tastiest food and drink from
around the world.
Customer Profile  
Established in 2000 as a high quality food retailer, near Colchester and has been serving customers the freshest, tastiest food and drink from around the world. The concept was unparalleled by other food retailers, nowhere will you find the variety and quality of produce with a shop floor space of 10,500 m²,spanning two floors. The shop also had a 60 sear restaurant. The fresh food counters are run like traditional independent food shops, each one managed by an expert in their field together with a team of friendly, well trained staff, keen to pass on their enthusiasm to our customers. They source and cook with the very best ingredients available and they support producers who farm, grow, harvest and fish using responsible and sustainable methods. Within their store they have the following departments: Butchery, Delicatessen, Fishmonger, Kitchenware, Pantry, Gifts/ Home and Wine.  
Business Requirements  
The company was looking for an epos system for more control over sales and stock activities. Because of the varied inventory they were holding from expensive gifts to butchery items they had great difficulty in analyzing, planning and forecasting their different department sales. There was lot of customer interest in their products resulting in large queue build up during their peak hours. Hence they were looking for a solution to improve the speed also. They were looking to address the following issues within their store:  
1.Sales: Being a busy store, they did a lot of transaction of small and high value. They were looking at a solution to serve customer quickly. They also needed an integrated credit card
terminal with their epos system.
2.Restocking Levels: The variety of inventory they held on the shelf meant it was always a challenge knowing when to restock and by how much on the shop floor. It was all done manually and often resulted in costly human errors.  
3.Purchase order Generation: Identifying the best selling lines and reordering from the suppliers was a difficult task as they handle thousands of lines of product and different suppliers.  
4.Sales Reports/Analysis: They needed more information on customer buying habits, how different departments were performing and stock movement reports.  
5.Ecommerce System: They were looking to develop ecommerce as an additional sales channel. With their loyal customer base and the unique products /services they offered, they were confident that with an ecommerce website they could increase their sales by offering the customers near and wide a easy way to shop. They also needed the web system integrated with the in store epos system so that the sales, stock remained centralized.  
Solution Provided:  
While analyzing the requirements of the customer, Arts systems team realized the importance of a fast, efficient integrated sales/stock management system. Also, gathered this was a growing business in which business processes personnel’s. Third party software’s used were constantly changing and needed an epos system which was easily customizable, easily trained on and can easily talk to other systems in store. Based on this the following solutions were provided to the customer
1.Microsoft Retail Management System Epos Solution to ensure a fast system to beat their queues, a versatile stock handling system handling restocking at shop floors in automated mode and a customizable, easy to use system. The system also used COMMIDEA chip and pin credit card system for online credit card transactions. We integrated the system with the Bizerba weigh scales they were already using in-house.
For the restaurant running in their store, Arts café solution integrated with RMS was deployed. This solution was ideal for the small café they had in store with features like table bookings, table wise ordering, starters, main course, kitchen printing etc.
2. Ecommerce system: An ecommerce system which handled the following types
of items:
Butchery: Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Other Poultry, Made in store etc
Delicatessen: Cheese, Ham, sausage, etc
Fishmonger: Marinated Fish Salads, Shellfish etc.
Kitchenware: Bake ware, Pots & Pans etc
Gifts & Home: Tabletop, Glassware, Gifts etc
Wine: White Wine, Red Wine, Rose Wine etc
Gift Hampers: Hampers.
The biggest challenge in selling these types of items in the web came in the Different type of units the items were sold in. All the web orders, stock was Integrated with the epos system in real time so that the customer service and stock handling was done in the most efficient manner possible. The web system had an inbuilt content management system by which the staff was able to manage the web site, set up promotions and newsletters.
The ecommerce system was developed using an open source product dotnetnukes.com. This is a premier microsoft.net product having inbuilt content management system. This being a product used in over 100,000 sites meant the reliability or features of the product were never in question.
The solution provided, totally transformed their business model into a smoother, efficient, streamlined solution. Their sales avenues were now truly multi-channel. They were able to run sales promotion, regular newsletters to an ever increasing customer data base. They were able to free up their manual resources and allocate them more specialized tasks.
More importantly, the solution provided was highly scalable and in keeping line with the exciting, aggressive business development plans the company management was planning out for the future.
More Information
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