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Case Study:
Fashion Shoe Retailer with Head offices at Weymouth selling fashion branded shoes, boots, trainers and sandals through their 21 stores spread across UK.

Customer Profile

It was created with a philosophy that remains the same today: to bring fashion-forward, exciting and affordable footwear to towns and cities across the UK in a setting that is both innovative and unusual, whilst at the same time providing excellent customer service. Established and popular brands like KSwiss, Converse, Bronx, and Fly are mixed with more vibrant and up-and-coming products from Keds, Hunter and ART. It is through this blend of brands that enables them to be on-trend and responsive to change within the fast paced fashion industry, and provide you, the customer, with exactly what you want for every occasion

Business Requirements

Customer currently used a fashion specific epos system for their stores and head office. But they were not satisfied with the epos system due to its scalability, speed and user friendliness. Their current system also did not have options to show data in real time of the sales, stock at their stores spread out across the UK. They needed an epos system which was scalable, provided them with real time data from stores/HQ and had strong fashion item handling features. The following issues were outlined at the system analysis stage:
Shoe inventory Creation, Stock Management and Distribution Module:
  They were dealing in fast moving fashion items with attributes Colour, Size, Style, Brand etc. They needed an easy way of creating, maintaining, selling and reordering these items through any of these attributes.

Head office/Store Data communication:
  Their current system relied on outdated communication methodologies between store and HQ which meant they got to see their daily sales, stock data by end of day after the polling process is complete. Also, actions like stock checks, inter-store transfers across the stores were showing delayed data. This caused the massive operational issues and difficulty in decision making.

Ware house stock distribution:
  The stocks at the store need to be replenished on a regular basis from the ware house. The process of going through all the sold stock at the stores, creating picking lists for ware house and transfers to the stores was a time consuming process which they wanted to automate

Gift Vouchers/Loyalty:
  They needed features like Loyalty, Gift Vouchers to build their customer base and have options to run promotional pricing, campaigns etc.

Integrated Ecommerce Solution:
  Customer currently had a website which was doing decent sales. But they were looking to improve the site to a more up-to date one, integrate it with epos and increase the web sales much more.

System reports/ Analysis:
  The management was very keen on getting maximum information of sales, stock, customer buying habits etc. They analyzed these data to a very detailed level and crucial business decisions like reordering, store transfers were made based on this information.

Solution Provided

Arts system team had a comprehensive study of the business, the way they work, their future plans and recommended that Microsoft retail management system replaces their current epos solution. RMS being easily customizable meant they could program in all the required business intelligence into their system. However, to move from their current epos system to the new epos system, it was absolutely mandatory for them that the information in their existing epos system is ported to the Microsoft epos system. Microsoft RMS uses SQL server as the data base which meant copying data across from their existing epos system to the new one was an easy job. The new solution offered them the following benefits:

1 Centralized control over store operations:
  Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Headquarters equips multi-store businesses or chains to roll up and manage data for all stores from the head office. From one central location, they could view, analyze, and share information across your entire business, as well as manage purchasing and inventory chain-wide, by region, or by store. Centralized control over pricing helped to ensure accuracy across all the stores and enabled them to set up and monitor flexible pricing structures, discounts, promotions, and sales at both individual stores and chain-wide.
2 Ecommerce system:
  Their current website was redone in Microsoft.net with SQL server as the back end. The web site was fully integrated with the epos system. The web orders were downloaded to RMS, epos system stock was made available in the web also and customer accounts for in store /web customers were centralized. The website integration was done at the head office level. The stock of different web items was calculated taking into account the individual store stock. The web orders were initially downloaded to head office and then routed to the best store taking into account customers post code and store stock. The new web-system improved the sales, customer service and delivery model for the company. The website popularity was hugely boosted with the new look website, SEO activities and resulted in orders more than doubling from the previous website.
3 Intelligent stock management:
  Art provided a custom stock management system along with RMS to handle stock activities in a more versatile manner. It provided automation of many of their current manual works. The stock at the stores was automatically replenished based on the sales happening. Pick lists were auto generated at ware house periodically based on the individual store sales and stock send out to the stores via inter store transfers. Items which were not performing properly in some of the stores were suggested with stores where they were performing better and automatic transfers initiated for such stock movements.
4 Mobile Stock Check and Transfer software:
  With the mobile stock check and transfer software provided on windows mobile PDAs, the complicated ware house operations became much easier. They were able to do routing stock checks of items in ware house and store by brand, department etc. The inter store transfers happening between different stores were scanned in and out of stores/warehouse using the PDA .Thus, the business was able to save time and have accurate stock levels.
5 Powerful Sales/ Stock Analysis reports:
  To analyze the sales and stock data at head office RMS have a wide variety of sales, stock movement report across the enterprise. In addition, the custom reports provided by Art provided information on best selling brands, style, colors, sizes for the items by stores and at company level which helped them in making crucial decisions in sales and purchases.

The new solution provided them with a solution which helped them in their dynamic growth over the past 3 years. Over time, the systems have undergone slight changes to support their changing processes. The system has provided them with the much needed control over their stores stock & sales activity, multichannel sales and an efficient ware house system for their operations.

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